Tuesday, October 22, 2019

More ways business leaders and managers can motivate people

One of Marc Accetta’s most important pieces of advice as a life coach is to always pay it forward. It’s important for people to impart any lessons they’ve learned on their path toward finding that extra motivation or rediscovering fire that they’ve lost.

For this blog, Marc Accetta shares a few more tips on how business leaders and managers can motivate employees.

Never overlook the small victories.

No matter how small a target, when a team hits it, managers and team leaders should recognize it. They should take the time to announce it to the team. It may seem trivial, but this shows employees that their efforts are not going on unrecognized.

Reassure employees that questions can be asked.

A huge factor in the demotivation of employees is fear that they’d look stupid if they asked their superiors for clarification. Managers and supervisors can help by reassuring their teams that they (managers and supervisors) are always ready to answer any questions employees might have.

Learning a few personal tidbits about the team.

While it’s true that managers and supervisors need to keep their distance to preserve a professional working relationship with employees, learning a trivial thing or two about employees can go a long way. A friendly query about one’s family brings the manager down to the level of an employee in a positive way, Marc Accetta explains.

For life coach Marc Accetta, facing and overcoming challenges can be done with the right mindset. He is a life coach who helps individuals achieve this through the seminars and workshops he conducts across the country. Visit this blog to read more about positivity.

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